A Public Display of Faith

If you've committed to follow Jesus Christ, water baptism is a huge next step. It's a way to celebrate your new faith with family and friends, besides making a memory you'll never forget.

Being dipped in water is a public celebration of the spiritual change that happens when we're born again. It's a symbol of dying, being buried, then coming up out of the grave brand new, free of the old, dead way of life. Water baptism doesn't save you; it's a celebration of being saved. That's why water baptism is only offered to those who understand what it is to accept Jesus as savior and have done exactly that.

Our next water baptism is October 28th and 29th.

Sign up for Baptism!

Registration for baptism is open. To register for Water Baptism at either our Central or South End Campuses click here:

Water Baptism at Central

Water Baptism at South End

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