We have sat in a crowded auditorium and felt completely alone.

We’ve needed someone to talk to but have been isolated.

We have needed advice and prayer and have had no idea who to turn to.

Been there? Are you there now?

Well, you don’t have to do life and leadership alone.

We could talk until we’re blue in the face about the importance of life giving community; we believe it is that important. Sometimes we’re blessed to find friendships that feed us within our ministry communities. And sometimes we have to step back and widen our friendship horizons. Freedom House LifeGroups will help you do just that!


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Figure out what kinds of groups interest you. We offer book study, social, and recreation. Next, check your schedule and find out what days, times and areas work best for you. We have groups that meet all over the city. Click here to view our groups.

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Once you have found your group, click the "Sign Up" button to the right to login to FHConnect. Click the "Groups" tab on the left side. Under "Find a Group" type the group name and select from the list. On the group page, click "Join Group" in the top right corner.

Our Groups

We offer four types of groups, described below. You can also find out which groups are currently available.

Study Groups

These groups meet to read a book or watch a DVD-based curriculum together on topics like marriage, growth, leadership, and more.

Social Groups

These groups connect around a common characteristic (such as women or couples) or situation in life (such as parents or college students).

Outreach Groups

While many groups occasionally perform community outreach, these groups focus on serving in our community. Examples include feeding the homeless, visiting the sick, organizing supplies and more. Most, if not all, activities in this group are outreach-centered.

Recreation Groups

These groups connect around an activity, such as crafting or hiking.

Discover a Group

There are a variety of LifeGroups for you to join. Find one that is a perfect fit for you and meets your schedule. We have groups that meet all over the city.

Join a LifeGroup

Ready to join that perfect group? Log in to FHConnect, find the LifeGroup you want, and click "Join Group." (Get help.)

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