Senior Pastors

Troy Maxwell

Senior Pastor

Penny Maxwell

Senior Co-Pastor

Pastoral Oversight Committee

Pastor Dennis Rouse

Victory World Church (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Samuel Chand

Sam Chand Ministries (Atlanta, GA)

Darrel Mims

Victory World Church (Atlanta, GA)

Pastor Steve Kelly

Wave Church (Virginia Beach, VA)

Board Of Directors

Dave Greco

Board Director

Olan Carder

Board Director

Executive Team

Pastor Clint Pugh

Executive Director of Worship & Creative

Pastor Joel Johnson

Executive Director of Student Ministries & FHC

Stephanie Blanton

Executive Director of Ministries

D. Milan Ford

Executive Director of Operations/COO

Executive Auxiliaries/Teams

Betty Greco

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastors

Jenny Houseknecht

Executive Assistant to the Executive Office

Megan Pugh

Special Events Director

Patty MacManamy

Special Guest Services Assistant

Carrie Griffin

Business Pastor/Influencers Co-Director

Mike Griffin

Business Pastor/Influencers Director

Worship/Creative & Production

Lesley Lockwood

Worship Director

Jon Gegelman

Technical/Production Director

Taylor Hyter

Production Assistant

Kaitlyn Peterson

Worship/Creative Assistant

Kids, Students & College

Casey Johnson

Assistant Student Ministries Director

Colby Maxwell

MVMNT + Student Ministries Assistant

Kayla Murphy

Freedom House College (FHC) Site Director

Kayla Miller

FH Kids Director

Morgan Mulchi

FH Kids Creative Coordinator

Michael Ott

FH Kids Team Coordinator


Michael Singer

Pastoral Care Director

Dawn Moyer

Outreach & Missions Coordinator

Team Members (Pictures Coming Soon):

Madison Buzzeo

Finance & Operations

Debbie Wells

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Melody Weaklend

Accounts Receivable Administrator

Adam Mulchi

Facilities & Event Support Assistant

Team Members (Pictures Coming Soon):

Luke Laurio
Charis Gegelman
Mark Pedlow
Viki Hojancki

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