"Bring your full tithe to the Temple treasury so there will be ample provisions in my Temple. Test me in this and see if I don't open up heaven itself to you and pour out blessings beyond your wildest dreams. For my part, I will defend you against marauders, protect your wheat fields and vegetable gardens against plunderers" (Malachi 3:10-11 MSG).

The above passage was spoken by God to his people about tithing. The word "tithe" literally means a tenth. God asks that we return to him 10 percent of what He's given us, because it belongs to Him. In return for our faith in him, God promises to bless and protect us.

And that's what the 90 Day Tithe Challenge is all about! Essentially, it's a challenge to you based on the promise of Malachi 3:10-11.

If giving away 10 percent of your income is more than you're prepared to commit, don't let that stop you. Start somewhere! Choose a percentage to give, and take the challenge.


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