A “for show” friend

This Week+This Week // May 21, 2018 //

You have had this person in your life many times. They come in the plentiful and leave as quickly as they came. The “for show” friend is someone who’s a ton of fun, they talk a lot, we talk a lot about them, but when the tough times come they are nowhere to be found.

It takes time and intentionality to foster true friendships. You often don’t feel like you have the time to make these kinds of investments. That mindset only hurts you.

“For real” friendships are invested into by taking the opportunities presented to be honest, trusting and committed. These grow from small steps that build up over time. How many of these characteristics have you developed with people?

Honesty is something you need to give to someone and measure how they respond. As you are vulnerable with someone, do you feel them draw closer or start to push away?

Trust isn’t something earned, but something that’s lost. It’s your responsibility to be brave and gradually trust friends more and more, paying close attention to how those people handle the trust you give them.

As honesty and trust grow, measure how often you both plan and follow through on making time to spend together and meet each other’s needs. If the commitment is one-sided, you might have, or be, a “for show” friend.

This doesn’t just apply to earthly things, but also your relationship with the Holy Spirit. He knows everything, but do you still share your honest feelings with him? He is completely trustworthy, but do you put your trust in him? He is utterly committed to you, but do you regularly make time to spend with him?

The Holy Spirit is not a “for show” friend unless we decide to treat him as such. He is the person of God we have the opportunity to be most intimate with as a comforter, leader, counselor, and friend. Make the change today be honest, trust, and commit time with Him daily. Ask yourself this question. “When it comes to the Holy Spirit am I the ‘a for show’ friend?”

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