A Little Poop

This Week // January 21, 2018 //

Have you ever stepped in dog poop and not realized until you or someone else finally notices the trail of mess behind you? You didn’t even know it was a problem until you looked back. Just like the presents, your annoying neighbor’s dog leaves for you in your yard life can create some sticky situations for us to walk through leaving us smelly gifts that can stink up the rest of our lives.

The same thing happens when we get a little sin on our proverbial shoe. Not that you necessarily did something, it may have been something someone else did or just an area of your life where you wanted your way over God’s way. But no matter how it got there, it stinks and leaves a trail. If we don’t get it cleaned up, we never really move past the smell or the mess.

No matter what happened, there are some simple yet, yucky ways of dealing with it. The first thing you need to do it grab a stick, something to pry whats on you off. In life this it could be a relationship with someone who can help deal with what happened, a leader, counselor or pastor. It could even be a book, program, something to help you get the problem off before it creates more of a mess. And let’s be honest, this kind of stuff isn’t something you want to deal with your own hands because it just spreads the mess everywhere.

Then you have the deal with the mess you’ve left behind. Need to get the Clorox out and start scrubbing. Maybe you need to apologize to someone or set some things right. Often times the mess wasn’t even created by you but you know that if you don’t get it cleaned up you will track it around other areas of your life.

Finally, once you’ve managed to clean up yourself and your house you need to make sure you prevent the whole issue getting on you again. This might mean there are areas where you need to keep your eyes out for landmines, it might mean you need to put up some fences, it might even mean it’s time to move house.

New Normal is going to mean we need to deal with the old normal and the poop it comes with it, but you can do it and your church family it rooting for you, cheering you on and here to help.

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