Abundance requires Dependence. 

This Week+This Week // July 9, 2018 //


A seed is a seed. It doesn’t need anything else to be a seed. It can be anywhere by itself and it still has everything it needs to be itself. As soon as that seed gets planted, it grows into a tree or plant. At that moment, it experiences transformation and grows. At that same moment, it becomes dependent. It needs rain, the ground, and the sun to survive fulfill its purpose. It’s true for your life as well. 

You can be self-sufficient; you can live not needing anyone or anything. If you live without anyone or anything, you live as only having potential. When you want to reach for more and build something significant, you need to include someone else in your world. You will experience abundance; you’ll be able to do more, reach further or entirely transform. But you will need others to do that, which also makes you dependent. 

Dependency isn’t negative. It’s necessary to take potential and turn it into success. Choosing the right people to be dependent upon is the most important thing. If you are like anyone else on the planet,  someone has hurt you or let you down when you needed them most. 

The temptation is to focus your energy on being safe and not needing others. You never live an abundant life if you live safe. Much like a seed, you won’t see an abundant life until you become dependent on others. 

A seed isn’t indeed alive until being planted, and you won’t see real life until you plant yourself in a community. Find abundance in dependence.

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