Congratulations on the greatest decision of your life! Text “Decision” to 704 970 0972 for a personal message from our Pastors. Your decision to follow Jesus and make God the lord of your life is a decision to step into community, purpose, and freedom. We want to be a part of helping you along this journey. The best next step is to sign up for Get On Track and start discovering all the perks of being a part of a life giving Community. 

Get On Track

We believe in equipping people to experience Christ’s freedom in their everyday lives. Get on Track is the place where you can connect with our team, grow your relationship with God and step into your purpose.


You have a place to belong and a community to be a part of with people who care for you. Becoming who you’re intended to be without others is impossible. Having the right people around you, those who support, love and encourage you, will help you grow. You’ll become who you’re meant to be in a LifeGroup. Find your people, your place, and your purpose today! We’re better together.