This Week // January 14, 2018 //

Pastor Troy dropped this fun line this weekend, “some of us, need to fast a fool.”  It’s kind of funny how profound that statement is.

The basis of fasting is removing something we want or need and allowing that desire to be replaced with an intentional focus on God, usually through prayer. We are exchanging the time and energy we spend on the things we like, with the things of God.

Fools are people that actively leach our focus, time and energy away from the stuff the matters.  Usually, our focus on God is near the top of the list. So imagine how much time and energy we could get back by removing them for a season or even permanently.

So how do you “Fast a fool”?

We start by identifying the problem! Who is that person in your life? They tend to be loud, negative, always present during the activities you’d love to cut out of your life. They usually drain our energy not grow it and tend to promote now thinking; what you can get now not what is building your future. Finally, they likely are a person who helps you find your way into trouble or drama.

Is there anyone like that in your life?

This week lets work to make sure that our time and energy goes to God. Fasting is not just about removing desires but allowing that now empty space to be refilled with a focus on and the presence of God.  A best next step is to start doing the things for Him you’ve been putting off. Get into a Bible reading plan, serve on a team, create some new God focused friendships in a life group.

We all have fools in our worlds and making the hard but necessary decision to remove them from our lives, so we can intentionally replace them with the things of God will position us to create a NEW NORMAL.

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