Forward Classes/Forward Weekend Experience

Our vision is to equip people to experience Christ’s freedom every day! Forward consists of four classes and a weekend experience created to help you take your next step toward living your best life! You’ll learn how God speaks, how to break free from unhealthy life patterns and discover who you are in Christ as you pursue God. We believe the best is yet to come and want you to experience freedom. 

Forward was a life-changing experience for me; in that things that I thought were small, as in hurts from past relationships, hadn’t been dealt with, and were keeping me from experiencing God’s fullness in my life. It is hard to move forward in life, when things that I thought were dealt with, were still clinging to me. The forward experience really opened my eyes to how I viewed myself through the prism of those experiences and how my view of myself didn’t line up with how God sees me.   

The transformation that has occurred in my life since attending Forward has been amazing; my relationship with God has gotten stronger, my attitude has positively improved, and by shaking off the old image and adhering to what God says about me, I am abiding in peace and steadfastness that I had never known. I would strongly encourage anyone that hasn’t made the commitment to  attend a Forward gathering to attend, and see what God does in your life.

Aaron Medere