Handling the Temptation to give in…

This Week // January 7, 2018 //

This weekend Pastor Penny shared with us some fundamental principles on how to create a NEW NORMAL in our lives. Her message talked about the people and the circumstances that cause us to fall short of everything we desire to achieve. Don’t you agree that this is something we all face?  And there are no easy rides when reaching for a better life. The difference between those who achieve success in growth and those who fail is the ability not to surrender. So what do you need to do to succeed?

There are many essential keys to beat temptation, most if all have to do with controlling what happens between our two ears. Seeing what happens in our heads is so important in reaching our goals then we need to invest in protecting our mind.

The first thing we need to do is set up and reinforce our non-negotiables, these are the truths that need to change or our situations never will. The first non-negotiable is alway that there is no quitting. You’d be amazed at what you can get through when you decide that there is no other option.

Once we discovered the truths that we need to change its time to embed them into our unconscious thinking through conscious effort, it’s time to move into action! Saying out loud what your goals are, writing them down, and hanging them up where you can revisit them frequently. As we consciously reinforce these new truths, they will seep into becoming a core part of who we are.

Finally, we need to find wins along the way. Change takes willpower and using your willpower can wear you out! Just like anything you need to create moments to see and celebrate the wins along the way. It will keep you fresh and excited as your willpower increases.

We are so excited that you are on a journey to creating a NEW NORMAL this year. Make sure part of your new process includes joining us each weekend for more church!

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