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The Encouragement Arsenal
Dear Parents,

The morning-rush before school is full of daily routines and a bit of chaos. But in the midst of the madness lies an opportunity for you to offer a regular infusion of faithful encouragement.
This resource is designed to help you offer a daily note of encouragement to your teenager. We want to help you get started by giving you a note with a verse for 100 days. You can tweak the note, add what you want to say, and give it to your teenager.
Here are some creative ways you can offer the note to your teenager:

• Put it in their lunch box each day
• Write out the note and stick it to their bathroom mirror
• Slide it under their pillow
• Text it to them each day
• Stick it in an envelope and hand it to them as they leave for school

We hope that this resource makes it a bit easier for you to invest in your relationship with your teenager. If Vertical can help you pass down faith to your teenager, then we have scored a huge win towards the mission of our church and student ministry.

To download your Vertical encouragement arsenal, click here!

The Greatest (Free) Gift You Can Give Your Student
As a parent, we spend tons of time thinking about what gifts to get our kids, especially at Christmas and birthdays. I love getting gifts for my children! This morning, I stopped to get gas on my way to drop Reagan (our 4 year old) off at preschool. At the gas station convenience store, I bought her a small gift — a pack of “Little Debbie’s” glazed donuts. Instantly, I became her favorite person!

Thoughtful gifts serve as powerful reminders to our children of how much we love them. With all the effort Casey and I put into getting the right gifts for our children, I often forget about the one gift they need more than anything…

The gift of prayer!

The amazing thing about prayer is that is costs us nothing except time and focus, but we rarely block off the time to make it a priority as we parent.

It’s so easy to forget that when we embrace the habit of praying for our children we invite God into the process of parenting!

There was a time when Jesus was teaching his disciples about prayer and He reminded them that they did not have what they needed because the never asked for it. I wonder as we struggle to parent how often we forget to stop and ask God for help. We try to work through complex issues at home on our own without God’s help.

When it comes to prayer and children, there are several times when you can make it a priority…

• Pray consistently alone for your children. Every day is a great day to pray for God to work in the lives of your children. Be consistent and block off time to pray for each child and what you hope they will grow into!
• Pray with them before they leave for school. I like to do a quick prayer huddle with my children and ask them what they are facing that day. It’s simple and great for them to hear me pray for them!
• Pray at meals. You’re going to eat, so slow down and pray. It’s built in!
• Pray with them before bed. Recap the day with them and pray as they go to bed. Let them pray and then you pray over them.
• Pray when they are struggling. When problems hit, slow down and pray over them before you stress over those problems.

A little bit of prayer goes a long way. Why not take 60 seconds — right now — and pray for your children. Your prayers are the most valuable gift they’ll ever receive!