Senior Pastors

Troy Maxwell // Senior Pastor

Troy is engaging, personable and adventurous, both on the platform and in his everyday life. He's passionate about God, teaching from the Bible in a way that applies to our lives today. Troy is a strong leader, and he enjoys drawing out and developing the leader in others while challenging them to trust God. He's also a visionary, and he's not intimidated by the unknown.

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Penny Maxwell // Senior Pastor

Penny leads Freedom House alongside her husband Troy, partnering with him to serve in a balanced yet dynamic way. Penny is outgoing, animated and fun-loving, infusing energy and fresh perspective wherever she goes. With an eye for detail and a flair for the creative, Penny pours excellence into everything she does. Her heartbeat is encouragement, and she enjoys building people in their identity in Christ.

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pastoral oversight committee

Pastor Dennis Rouse

Victory World Church (Atlanta, GA)

Pastor Darrell Mims

Victory World Church (Atlanta, GA)

Dr. Samuel Chand

board of directors

dave greco

Board Director

Olan carder

Board Director

Leadership staff & Team

Caroline Batson

Events Coordinator

Email: cbatson@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Stephanie Blanton

Executive Director of Ministries

Email: edm@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Olan Carder

Executive Director of Operations

Email: ocarder@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Brad Christian

Production Director

Email: bchristian@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Hailey Eccher

Creative Coordinator

Email: heccher@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Camden George

Visual Storyteller

Email: cgeorge@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Melia Graves

Connections Coordinator

Email: mgraves@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Betty Greco

Executive Office / HR Director

Email: bgreco@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Jenny Houseknecht

Assistant to the Executive Assistant/Office 

Email: jhouseknecht@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Lesley Lockwood

Central Campus Worship Leader

Email: llockwood@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Amado Luna

FHKids LKN Director / Global Campus Care

Email: aluna@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Cabell Maxwell

Environments Coordinator for LKN / Global Events

Email: cabellmaxwell@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Colby Maxwell

Director of Student Ministries

Email: cmaxwell@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Madison Maxwell

Assistant Director of Student Ministries

Email: mbuzzeo@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Jessica Mendez

Campus and Connections Coordinator

Email: jmendez@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Adam Mulchi

Campus Care Coordinator

Email: amulchi@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Morgan Mulchi

FHKids Director

Email: mmulchi@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Sarah Powell

Care and Outreach Coordinator

Email: spowell@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

David Price

Global/Student Minisitries Creative Assistant

Email: dprice@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Jordan Price

Executive Ministries and Operations Assistant

Email: jpri@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Michael Singer

Care Pastor

Email: msinger@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Noah Swadener

Campus Coordinator for LKN / Creative Coordinator

Email: nswadener@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Debbie Wells

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Email: dwells@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092

Molly Williams

Campus Worship Director

Email: mwilliams@freedomhouse.cc

Phone: 704.970.0092