Stephanie Blanton + Stacy Jarrett


Monthly – Day Varies

You’re invited to Circle Up with the Blanton’s and Jarrett’s for some summer fun. We’ll gather once a month to eat, laugh and play. Join us! Adults with children 13+.

Darlene Brown

monthly – day varies

Circle Up around the table of a local restaurant to meet friends, make new friends, and build community! Let’s get together for a monthly lunch in the early afternoon to add a smile to our day! Can’t wait to meet you! Age +55

Matt + Nikki Bradley 

Location Varies
Monthly – DAY VARIES

Picnics in the Park – Come explore Charlotte’s beautiful parks with us for some family fun in the sun and fellowship with friends! All are welcome.

Brad + Rachel Christian

Location Varies
Monthly – Day Varies

Let’s Circle Up this summer! We will gather once a month for some summer fun at theme parks and events around the Charlotte area. Everyone is welcome!

David Price + Jordan Brunelle

Location Varies
Monthly – Day Varies

Join us this summer to CIRCLE UP in community as we explore some of the best spots to eat and hangout in the university area! We will be meeting at various locations at 7 in the evening! We can’t wait to meet you! Ages 18-29

Morgan Mulchi + Caroline Batson

Location Varies
Monthly – Saturdays

It’s a pup playdate! Meet us at a dog park once a month and let’s hang out while our dogs play! Can’t wait to see you and your pup there! Ages 18-29!

Ed + Pearl Canty

Monthly – Saturdays

It’s Summertime! Let’s Circle Up around the grill and the fire pit with some good grub and even better fellowship. Looking forward to growing and starting new relationships!

Amado Luna + Ian Lawrence + Camden george

North Charlotte
2nd and 4th – Wednesdays

Join us for some backyard summer fun! We will gather twice a month on Wednesday evenings for backyard BBQ and summer fun. We’ll see you there! Ages 18-29


Sadé Bakier

West Charlotte
Monthly – Saturdays

SERVE // Join us as we serve with Samaritan’s Feet to inspire hope in families by providing shoes as the foundation to a spiritually healthy life resulting in education advancement and economic opportunities for those in need.

Madison Buzzeo + Cabell Maxwell

Location Varies
Monthly – Friday

SPORTS & REC // Join us this summer for group Eno’ing! We’ll find cool spots to throw up our Eno’s and enjoy the beautiful summer weather & great company!


Rob + Tessa Carter

Location Varies
Monthly – Wednesday

Join us for some easy going family fellowship and eats! We will sample Charlotte area favorite dives and restaurants as we share stories from our daily lives and celebrate the Kingdom as God intended, together! All ages welcome, and everyone will have the opportunity to suggest locations.

Scott + Rachel Seeman

Location Varies
Monthly – Saturdays

This group is for families with older children. We will meet for various family fun activities in and around the Charlotte area. We may go hiking, catch a ball game, go bowling or enjoy a backyard BBQ. It’s all about connecting and having fun as a family!

Jennifer Taylor

North Charlotte
Monthly – DAY VARIES

Looking for fun things to do with your kids this summer? Join us during the week to discover some fun things around our area. Activities could range from $1 summer movies, splashpads, Ray’s Splash Planet, parks/playgrounds, Carowinds and much more! We look forward to meeting you and your kids!


Karissa Thorpe

Location Varies
MOnthly – Saturdays

Summer Brunchin’ – come and have a blast!
Summer Brunchin’ – don’t let this moment pass!
Meet some girls crazy like me.
Circle Up, try it and see!
Brunch conversations may include personality tests, the goodness of God, 90s R&B, God’s purposes for our lives, and “look at this cute video of my baby.”
Ages 18+

Lynne Cagle

Location Varies
Monthly – Day varies

Ladies – come join me in community! We will gather for dinner monthly to share what God is doing in our lives through the messages we’re hearing and how God is speaking to us through His word. Let’s grow together while “breaking bread.”

Chinique Wallace + Sarah Powell

Location Varies
Monthly – Day Varies

Ladies – let’s Circle Up this summer! We’ll gather monthly to explore amazing restaurants and environments in Charlotte! We’ll have good food, conversation and do life together! Ages 18+

Kendra Glover

Location Varies
MOnthly – Day varies

Let’s have some summer fun and fellowship! Let’s meet up and try some new things like axe throwing or just enjoying a cup of “fro-yo” or coffee together!

Benita McCall

North Charlotte
Monthly – Tuesdays

Ladies – let’s Circle Up this summer with some fun at the movies! We will gather for a monthly movie on $5 Tuesdays. Grab your popcorn and snacks and I’ll see you there! Ages 18+


Morgan Mulchi + Aziza Riley

North Charlotte
2ND AND 4TH – Wednesdays

MVMNT LADIES // Let’s get together over food or coffee to talk about relevant,
various topics we all face as women! From fear to comparison to relationships, etc. – we’ll see what God has to say to us as we come together authentically.
Ages 18-29

Matt Garrett

Weekly – Wednesdays

MEN // As iron sharpens iron, so one man does another. Join us as we meet over coffee and discuss the previous weeks message as well, hold each other accountable to be better husbands, fathers, brothers, and men. Ages 18+