Oleg Davidov

2nd and 4th – Thursdays

 Anyone – Join us for soccer pick up
games – first come first serve! Looking
forward to fun and friends – all are
welcome! Feel free to bring along
your co-workers, neighbors,
and friends.

John Macmanamy

Weekly – Saturdays

Men – Join us at the MacTrac! A wide open workout, real world full-body movement with an emphasis on core development. We’ll end with a verse-for-the-day and prayer. No matter your strength/fitness level, you’ll have fun and grow stronger in body, soul, and spirit. Ages 18+ [highschool kids with parent(s) are welcome]

Clark Graves

Location Varies
1st and 3rd – Saturdays

Men – Dust off your cleats and come
out to join us for some friendly competition
with flag football. You don’t have to be
a football pro to come and have some
fun with us! See you on the field.
Ages 18+

Melia Graves

Location Varies
1st and 3rd – Saturdays

Ladies – We will gather to go on hikes and nature walks around the Charlotte area.  Hiking is a great form of exercise and being out in nature is good for the soul!  Hikes will vary from easy to moderate. Ages 18+