Momma always said…

This Week+This Week // May 14, 2018 //

What you hear from a young age and often will define who you are. The phrase momma always said, is a preface to communicate what is about to be declared is a truth of someone’s life. In your own life the people who you value, have authority in your life. The words they use most often will define your worldview. Not only do other’s words affect you but what you say and think “always” will determine who you are becoming.

What are you allowing to be your truths? Are they the right truths? There are words that you have been listening to or saying for too long. Today can be the start of new truths in your life. You have all the tool and ability available to start making a change.

You don’t get to pick your parents, but as you become an adult, you do get to choose the life you want to live, the kind of influence you want to be on your children, friends, and family.

“Momma always said” Gives you a clear insight on how to create a reality. “Momma” speaks of authority and value. How and what do you value? “Always,” tells you that it’s not just the words of people you appreciate but what you often hear that shapes your worldview. “Said” means precisely that. That there is action, verbalized words, you or someone else speak and do that is the point of effect. You can’t just think about a change you have to speak it out, live it out.

Today, start some new sayings and truths for yourself and those in your world. Find some words of life and say them always.

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