I Never Said Stop

This Week // January 28, 2018 //

Pastor Troy shared a fantastic story this weekend, The King of Isreal was instructed by the Prophet of God to strike the ground with arrows as a prophetic message. The king took the arrows and began to strike the ground. He hit the ground three times. As he finished, you could see that the prophet was filled with rage. The Prophet couldn’t believe that the king would stop at only three strikes. The king had chosen just to follow the commandment given by God to the level that was convenient for him.

We learn that for every strike to the ground, the king was prophesying victories for the kingdom of Israel. There are two ways we can hear the word of God in our lives. How we process that which we hear determines the ways we live out God’s plan for our lives.

The first way is how the king heard the word of God.  We hear the word, do enough, and then move onto the next thing. The King saw the instruction of God as something to get through and complete. Choosing this view positioned the king to miss what God wanted to do at that moment.

The second way we can hear the word of God is the way that the prophet was hoping this king would respond. God gives us direction with a purpose, and we are called to live out the word of God until it finishes the work within us.

“I never said stop” is the tone the prophet takes with the king. We believe that what God is saying to you and me that our job is to obey, not necessarily to live conveniently. We have a responsibility to stay on the task that God has given us until he tells us what to do next. In his time, not ours.

Have you ever felt like God has not spoken to you in a while? Maybe you are not seeing success in the things you’re trying to accomplish? Possibly you are facing the same problem again and again. Maybe, just maybe, God is not done with the last thing and we are already trying to move on to the next thing! Perhaps you gave up believing and working on something He told you and desires for you?

Today can be a day we pick the arrows up and keep striking. What if we went back and started to do the last thing God told us? Maybe you have not heard the first thing…that’s ok too. Start by praying and looking for the next opportunity to be Jesus for someone.  What if persistence was the key? Today can be the day we keep going! Today, we can lean into the truth that if God is still working, so am I.

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