The Bill Is Paid!

This Week // April 4, 2018 //

Have you ever been to a restaurant and thought to go back and pay for the bill twice? Or if someone else bought your food do you go back and pay for it again? No, It’s done, paid. You can’t cover something that’s been covered. But many of us live our lives every day trying to pay the price that Jesus paid for us. Many times in our lives either because of our own guilt, others expectations or a misunderstanding of God’s grace we continue to wear the shame and feel indebted to God and others for mistakes we’ve made or shortfalls we have.

Jesus 2000 years ago paid to price for all Mankind’s sin and brokenness. Yes, you need to apologize when we mess up and love and serve others as best you can but we don’t need to pay the price of shame because that has been covered. And when you let that be covered you are freed up to serve and love others better. The realization that you have been freed from the cost of shame is the first step to living a selfless life.

Just as God forgave your brokenness you can forgive the brokenness of others. In and through that act you will change the world around you. Your influence with people will increase, you will change the way people engage with each other, bringing a taste of heaven to earth. It all starts with realizing your debt has been paid God has covered your selfish, misguided mistakes and just asked that you do the same for others.

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