The Huge Little Things

This Week // April 22, 2018 //

Have you ever had a small cut on your hand? It looks and seems wholly insignificant and often it is invisible to the naked eye until it becomes agitated. Sometimes it heals itself, and you move on, but usually, you find that the smallest interactions with that cut, can develop an infection and without care, it becomes so painful that you have to stop and treat the issue. You have allowed a small and easy correction to become painful and difficult. 

Have you ever considered that maybe your soul is the same way? You think about the interaction a lot; you connect the person or yourself and the act as one entity and, you speak negatively about yourself or others. When we choose to ignore the adverse reaction, the symptoms of illness in our souls that cause your soul to become increasingly less healthy, we position yourself and others for great plain.

If you are like most of us, You ignore this discomfort or pain for a couple of reasons, and you don’t even think they are that big of a deal. You don’t want to create drama. You are battling shame in your own life, fair or not, that has caused a reaction, or you just have not been able to identify where these feelings are generating. However, you are acutely aware that these feelings are impacting you being the best person, friend, and self you know God has called you to be.  Shame tends to be the evidence of something more profound that has yet to be dealt with entirely, an area where more profound healing is necessary, and available  Frequently close friends are good doctors and vulnerability is the best medicine to move from a life of shame to a life of freedom. 

You must stop ignoring the small negative interactions that you dismiss as nothing. Those small infections that go unchecked turn from symptoms of a small wound to diseases like emotional cancer, cancer that starts to shut down your emotional ability to connect and be your best, not to mention your ability to be available to others that need you and mean the world to you.  Catch the symptoms early, don’t ignore them, so you have the chance to do the work to live free, healthy, and as an aid to the development of others healing. We are better together.

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