The Little Things

This Week+This Week // June 17, 2018 //


You have hopes and dreams for your family, kids, work life. There is someone you have in your head that you desire to become. You want what that guy or girl has, does, thinks and feels. Though despite significant effort, you often feel like the big steps you take to become that person doesn’t yield the results you’re hoping for.

You tend to make substantial efforts or decisions thinking that will get you significant results. Though you will find more success in becoming the person you want to be through committing to the seemingly insignificant things.

It’s the small details that make up a person. Making sure you always stop and connect with people, looking everyone in the eye, always having a kind word to give. It’s time you take in the morning to get up a few minutes earlier to read, connect with God and pray for your family. It’s staying back late at work and committing to finishing things before going home (even if it’s someone else your working for).

These small details and more makeup who you are and, are becoming. You are the sum of ever small interaction you have with others and every insignificant opportunity provided. What are the little details for which you want to be known? Where will they take you? As you master the little things that build a life.

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