The Power of Confession

This Week+This Week // April 8, 2018 //

There are many things going right now in your world that you are the only one who has any idea it’s going on. If you would just share the mess that your carrying, just sharing would be world changing for you. Sharing is one of the most powerful tools you have to remove the power of the brokenness you deal with every day. Once that thing is exposed to others you can be released from the shame and condemnation.

As you look around at people in your world, to you it looks like they are doing just fine and you want them to see you a certain way. You are convinced that if the people around you knew just what you were dealing with the thoughts, feelings, your kids, marriage or financial situation. They would judge you or you would be seen as less than. Though everyone has their own struggles just like you, everyone has their own mess.

Once you share your mess with others, all the lies rolling around it you head and the shame you feel will be brought into the light and you will be free and you might just free someone else of their mess. At the point that we share our mess, we’re freed from the shame it holds over you and that confession is the first step to allow others and especially God to help you clean up what’s going on in your world.

God already knows whats going on, in some cases, people know something is going on this you. When you share you start to remove confusion, shame and open the door to the opportunity to find freedom. So today what do you need to confess and share with God and who in your world do you trust, even if it’s scary its time for you to find freedom it’s time to confess that you are human and you have a mess.

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