The sting of a friend 

This Week+This Week // July 2, 2018 //


No one is perfect. There are parts of your life that are hindering you from accomplishing everything you want to. You will never know what they are or how to move forward unless someone you trust points them out. 

It’s easy to find faults with other people, especially if you don’t like them. But it is hard to recognize your own shortcomings. It’s even more difficult to allow someone to point out your faults to you.  

You know the flaws of people you love. You probably believe that if you were given permission, you could help them get better or grow in that specific area. There are others that love you who are thinking the exact same thing. 

There are three steps to take if you want to become someone who improves through community feedback. 

Step one is understanding that accepting criticism doesn’t make you wrong and the other person right. We often feel this way when criticism is shared with us. The truth is…when you accept that criticism is a gift for you to increase in influence and effectiveness, you will be able to embrace it and grow, no matter who points out your areas needing growth. 

The second step is to filter feedback through community. When someone brings something up, ask a few people you trust. Don’t go and ask people to tell you it’s not an issue. Instead, be open and reachable regarding the feedback. If a few trustworthy people see it as an area you can grow in, take some practical steps to grow in that area. 

The last step you need to focus on to be someone that grows from community feedback is… act for change; don’t mope in frustration. When you hear you’re not good at something, you can allow that to become your focus, but this misplaced focus will stifle your growth. Choose to focus on the steps you can start to take to grow and develop in that area. Let the thought of the person you are about to grow into fuel you to become greater.

As scripture tells us: the wounds of a friends are always better than the compliment of an enemy. Become the great leader, friend, parent, son or daughter you were always meant to be by allowing others to help make you better.

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