Close, fun, life filled relationships with good people where you feel like you belong. It’s a fundamental need we all have. Although we all want it and need it, few of us feel like we have it or that we can achieve it. Building healthy, deep relationships takes time and energy, but it’s not impossible, and you can do it. There are three characteristics to look for and develop that will build lasting friendships in your life. Good character is the first thing to look for and develop. Don’t look for cool people, good-looking people or people with money. Look for people that have the character that you long for. Those are the people that you will be able to sustain a lasting relationship with and, take you where you want to be. Remember this: don’t hold other's character to a higher standard than you a willing to live. Once you’ve found people with the character you want to build alongside start to invest value into them. Don’t expect them to match the amount you invest at first. Place value on them, as you continue to make them feel valued; you will draw them close and start to develop a bond. Ask them out to dinner and you pay. Go places you know they want to go. People want to be around others who care about them. Be about other people and you will have no shortage of friends. Remember this: if others don’t or haven’t valued you, that isn’t an indicator of your value. It is an indicator of their character. You’ve identified someone who has the character you admire, you’ve valued and been about them. The final step to developing a lasting friendship is the scariest. Showing Vulnerability creates depth in friendship. If you aren’t willing to allow others to see all of you, if you aren’t willing to trust then you will never feel safe. Remember this: trust people with small things first and gradually build trust with people over time. It’s not easy to build friendships, but it is entirely doable. Find and develop character, add value and be about others and trust those people and you will have healthy, life filled friendships.