A Special UPDATE From Our pastors


Freedom house Family,  

This has been a season of unprecedented challenges. We have continued praying for you and your family, and we stay committed to caring for one another, staying connected and communicating often.

Above all, we remain focused on our vision of equipping people to experience Christ’s freedom in their everyday lives.

Together we are navigating the many challenges brought by this pandemic. We are praying , learning, celebrating and growing together in this difficult season. Together, with God, we are emerging through this season stronger than before.

Some of you may have heard that a U.S. District Judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the governor’s executive order allowing church services to begin again. With the restriction lifted, we are going to REOPEN our Freedom House campuses for in-person services starting Sunday, May 31st. We will have four service opportunities across all of our campuses, in addition to all of our online service opportunities. These plans will adjust if circumstances require.      

We understand that people are in different places and not everyone will agree with our decision to re-open. Truthfully, wherever we land there will be people that don’t agree.  We respect that decision and have three different options for people so no matter where you are, you feel comfortable:

  1. We will continue to stream our online services
  2. We will have house parties happening across the city. They’re small groups that will happen in homes where you can stream the service together. 
  3. We have in-person services at each campus where your entire family can attend.  We have ensured that all of our facilities are comprehensively cleaned, sanitized and safe for you to return and enjoy. 

As you can imagine, there are various comfort levels with returning to church so pick the option that’s best for you. If you are high risk or feel uncomfortable, we understand and look forward to seeing you online. We’d love to share our policies and procedures with you and give you more information about campus openings.

Join Us Online

Tune in on any of the Freedom House LIVE streaming platforms. (Sunday 9:30a, 11:15a & 7:00p)


Here are our current plans as we move ahead and respond to the guidance of our local leaders and opening of our communities:  

Phase 1 • Started May 8 

All services offered online

Zoom Church House Parties

Weekend Services House Parties

LifeGroups meeting online

Limited capacity  

Phase 2 • Starting May 22

STARTING MAY 31ST All campuses reopened with limited capacity and altered service times 

All services offered online

Zoom Church House Parties

Weekend Services House Parties

Lifegroups meeting inside, outside and online

Phase 3 • No earlier than June 19

All services offered online

All campuses reopened with limited capacity

Zoom Church House Parties

Weekend Services House Parties

Lifegroups meeting inside, outside and online 

Final Phase •  No earlier than July 17

Regular services and events

These plans will adjust if circumstances require.

It’s important to Freedom House that you and your family are safe, healthy and feel great about returning to in-person services. We will work to ensure all our facilities, especially our kids areas, are comprehensively cleaned, sanitized and safe for your family. We plan to offer a spacious onsite worship experience with appropriate distancing when we return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m high-risk or uncomfortable returning to large group gathering right away?

We encourage everyone to participate as they feel comfortable. Join our online experiences or in-person services in the way that’s best for you.

How Do I Plan To Attend At A Campus?

1. In accordance with CDC guidelines, we ask that you and your family only attend in person if you don’t have anyone in your household that is high risk or that has been exposed to anyone who has a confirmed COVID-19 case. You may also wear a cloth face covering or mask for added precaution. 

2. In order to create a spacious environment, we will have limited seating with adequate spacing in our auditorium. Please let us know how many will be joining you from your household above so we can best prepare for you.

What Happens Once I Arrive?

When you arrive, please head to our front doors where we will have an outdoor Care Center open if you need any protective equipment (masks and gloves), a temperature check or hand sanitizer. Our team will be throughout the building to guide you on where to go and sit. At all times we will assist you in maintaining a safe distance as you move through and sit in the environment.

What Will Children’s Services Look Like At A Campus?

All FHKids classes will be open at all of our campuses with limited capacity. Please make sure to save a seat for you and your kids above so we can pre-check them in. There will be an FHKids tent outside where you can pick their stickers up and get their temperatures checked on your way to dropping them off at their classroom. Inside, there will be stickers to guide you on where to wait to drop off your kids in their classrooms.

Please reach out to mmulchi@freedomhouse.cc for the remainer of the precautions we are taking in our FHKids classes.

1. If you have a high risk family member or are not comfortable, we have FHKids services, adventure books and other resources for your kids! Print them at home and play their service while you watch yours.

What Precautions are you Taking?

We are taking extensive safety precautions to ensure that Freedom House is safe, secure and spacious for your family.

1. Additional cleaning will be done throughout the building and in each classroom will be sanitized prior to and between each service in accordance with CDC guidelines.

2. We will have a Care Center with temperature checks and protective equipment available upon request.

3. We encourage all attendees over the age of 65 or those who have are high risk to worship with us online.

4. If you have had any of the following symptoms this week, please worship with us online:

  • Fever Over 100 (99 for Kids)
  • Cough or Sore Throat
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 (in the past 14 days)