Has remembering ever been a problem for you? Do you forget to pass information onto others in your life?  A lack of information can create problems for them and you. With everything that happens in a day is it shocking that you sometimes forget? If we asked your loved ones, they would likely say yes! Even worse sometimes you may also forget you forgot!

One thing that we should never forget is who we are. Who we are is composed by our history as a person, events in our lives, and relationships we have. But with the business of life sometimes the memory of our past only stretches back a week ago. We all get bogged down in our failures, our hurts, our disappointments. These compelling, emotive experiences shape our dreams and goals.

The issue is we find our original identity as a people in the moment of our creation. Do you remember the start of your story? How can you ever dream of your future if you keep forgetting your past? Often we start our story at our brokenness. I came from a dysfunctional family, but I’m trying to be healthy. My family didn’t have much, but I am going to make something of myself. I made a huge mistake, and I’m going to make up for it. And we live our lives striving.

Your moment of need or hurt isn’t the beginning of your story. A perfect God who loves you created you, and He wants you to live a fantastic life with him. God designed you for greatness, and you are perfect in his sight.

Yes, there may have been brokenness and dysfunction in your past, but that is not your default, not your beginning. It doesn’t define you; it’s a bump in the road on the way to the life planned for you, an outstanding experience. When we remember our real beginning, it changes our dreams, or maybe it turns the way we see our dreams, not as something foreign but as something that we were designed to experience.