Making a change is a tightrope of mental stability. Concentrate too much on what’s wrong or your failings as a person and you can paralyze yourself with self-pity or an overwhelming depression. Focus just on positivity or your wins, and you become bloated and overconfident in your abilities and miss critical opportunities to grow.

The bible talks about “grace and truth,” seemingly polarized forces that are both needed for you to progress in your faith. You need to be both utterly aware of the dia circumstances you are in and just how much you fail every day, but equality aware of your intrinsic worth and giftings. They will lead you to be able to make a change.

It is impossible for you and I as humans too indeed live with both grace and truth in any one moment. A great way to think about it is like a walk. You cannot walk with both feet simultaneously, and it would be awkward to hop around on just one of your feet all day. You function though when you take steps one foot after the other.

That’s is a healthy way to live in both grace and truth, never pausing for more than a moment in either continuing forward regularly reminded of both. Walking toward everything God has for you.