the 15th to the 22nd of september 

Baptism- 9/15 South End & Lake Norman Campus; 9/21-22 Central Campus 

Water Baptism is a celebration and declaration of your commitment to follow Jesus! When we enter the water during baptism, we identify with Christ’s death on the cross. When we are raised out of the water, we identify with Christ’s resurrection. We bury our old life and rise to walk in a new life. Through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection we are MADE FREE! If you’re interested in getting baptized click the link to the right to get more info and register! 

Authentic Conference 

How do you find YOUR voice when there are so many other’s out there? How can you be unapologetically you? In just a few weeks, Authentic Conference kicks off and we can’t wait to help you speak out and speak boldly. There’s nothing like when the girls gather! Don’t miss out. Get registered while tickets last. 


We’re all looking for a place to belong, to be in community, to have people who love us and that we can love. Sometimes relationships can be scary, but life is better when we do it together. We all want to experience freedom, friendship, and God. At Freedom House, we create environments in LifeGroups that allow you a place to be cared for and strengthened, to do life together. Join a LifeGroup today, find where you belong. 


At Freedom House, you don’t just belong, you’re part of a family. We all pitch in to make what we do great. Find your place as a part of the Freedom House Dream Team today.


Penny Maxwell - September 8, 2019

Anthropology: Pastor Penny Maxwell

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