Welcome to the Leadership Pipeline. Here at Freedom House we are passionate about the development and empowerment of leaders for the purpose of building God’s Kingdom. Through the Leadership Pipeline you’ll discover your purpose, reach your potential and discover and develop potential in others. Leadership at Freedom House is a privilege and a responsibility that is extended to members by invitation only and is completed through an application and approval process that includes the completion of the Leadership Pipeline. To begin the Leadership Pipeline, please follow the steps outlined below. We look forward to developing your leadership.


If you’ve been invited to fill out the Leadership Application by the Freedom House Staff Team, a Campus Pastor, Coordinator or Team Leader, please complete the application below.



Once your application is approved for Step 2, you will receive a coupon code to take the Leadership Pipeline Course for FREE. Please complete the course within 30 days of receiving your coupon code. 


Congratulations! You’ve completed the Leadership Pipeline Course. Now it’s time to schedule your interview and be assigned a Leadership Role. Your team leader will determine an area of ministry that’s right for you. Leadership Roles are assigned in the following order – Service Leader, Team Leader, Coordinator. Please review the Leadership Application Questions and the Leadership Roles prior to your interview. We’ll be in touch soon to schedule your interview.